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Ok Go is available for exclusive private events, aa well as public concerts. To inquire about pricing and availability of OK Go, or to book OK Go for your event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents here.

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the songs

Here It Goes Again
Upside Down & Inside Out
I Won't Let You Down
I'm Not Through

About Ok go

OK Go didn't find an audience until 2005, when the band began creating homemade music videos to support its combination of off-kilter guitars, Pixies/Cars fetishism, and straightforward power pop sensibilities. Recognizing the growing popularity of websites like YouTube, the group shot a campy dance video for "A Million Ways," a song from its sophomore album, Oh No. It quickly became the most downloaded music video in history, and OK Go won a Grammy Award for their follow-up subsequent video -- this one featuring the bandmates dancing on treadmills -- while continuing to produce clever, melodic pop music.



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