Mavis Staples

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The Songs

I'll Take You There
Let's Do It Again
Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas
Oh Happy Day
You Are Not Alone
High Note
MLK Song
I Have Learned to Do Without You
Can You Get to That
Jesus Lay Down Beside Me
Down in Mississippi
Slippery People
Eyes on the Prize

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notable facts

Performed at The Whitehouse for President Obama
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Blues Hall of Fame
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
Toured With Bob Dylan
Guest Vocals on a track for Gorillaz

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Mavis Staples is living, breathing history. She is an alchemist of American Music, and his continuously crossed genre lines like no musician since Ray Charles. Weaving herself into the very fabric of gospel, soul, folk, pop, R&B, blues, rock -- even hip-hop -- over the better part of the last 60 years, the inconic singer has seen and sung through so many changes, always wishing up to meet every road unwaveringly. 

Now in her seventh decade, with the release of her new album Livin’ on a High Note, she is only gaining momentum. This album serves as a cohesive summation and furtherance of her illustrious career, embodying the glory of her unmatched spirit as she continues to push herself to cover fresh, joyful ground. Refusing to fade away, she continues to work and tour incessantly, remaining as vital, engaged, and true as always. There is no persona; she is, simply and untouchably, Mavis—and Livin’ on a High Note is the symphony of her life.



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