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Hippie Sabotage is available for exclusive private events, as well as public concerts. To check pricing and availability of Hippie Sabotage, or to book Hippie Sabotage for an event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents here.

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The Songs

Stay High Remix (Tove Lo)
Chasing The Wild

About Hippie Sabotage

Formed by brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, Sacramento electronic music duo Hippie Sabotage started to craft their hip-hop instrumentals in the mid-2000s. Hippie Sabotage developed and expanded their beats and soon incorporated more diverse influences on their tracks for a whole new host of rappers such as Alex Wiley ("Something to Say") and C Plus ("Callin' Me"). They released their own material with the Vacants EP in early 2013 and followed this with a couple more singles ("White Tiger" and "Sunny") throughout the same year. They began to get worldwide attention in spring 2014 when singer Ellie Goulding posted their remix for "Habits (Stay High)" by Swedish pop singer Tove Lo on social media. The song reached over a million hits following Goulding's endorsement, and was soon followed by a handful of releases that same year. In addition to the Johnny Long Chord EP, the duo also issued The Sunny Album. In 2016 they released their sophomore full-length, Providence, and the Options EP, a collaboration with Cubic Z. The Saurers continued their work with Z on the Drifter album in 2017. The brothers have since been touring around the globe, just finishing up their Path of Righteousness tour for 2018, and kicking off their 2019 tour in San Francisco, Ca February 2019.



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