Christian Pepin

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The basics

Travel: Internationally

Bands / Projects: Orquesta Bémbe

Band Composition: Christian Pepin can perform as a solo act or as Orquests Bémbe, a 10 piece band with the sound and elegant sophistication of a big orchestra. A very unique sound when it pertains to Salsa, Latin Jazz, Traditional Cuban and Tropical Pop.

Book Christian Pepin:

Christian Pepin is available for private events, corporate functions, public concerts, weddings, and more! To inquire about pricing and availability of Christian Pepin, or to book Christian Pepin for your event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents here.


About Christian Pepin

A musical multilinguist, multi-award winning and 2016 GRAMMY® Nominated Percussionist Christian Pepin is a versatile musician that embodies the soul of a percussionist that inherently stirs the human spirit. From his supersonic slaps to the thunderous open tones and heavy hitting bass notes, the young Christian Pepin shows perceptiveness and adoration for Latin and World music. His keen sense, gifted interpretation of music, and the influence of the New York streets have allowed Christian to translate his bliss. Whether it be on the stage or set to Avant-garde Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz, he can make his drums speak fluently to any listener.

From his humble roots in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Christian Pepin has played music all his life. His father, a gifted musician in his own right, and mother, a talented vocalist, gave him a set of drums at the tender age of six. As he became older, he made the transition to timbale, then congas, and onto bongo all while perfecting his musical craft. Music is innately a dominant part of the Pepin family: his great-grandfather Toño Pepin, his Grandfather Papo Pepin, and his cousin Bobby Allende. All musical icons and legends in their own right. Music breathes life into the soul of Christian Pepin that sustains him as a musician.