Andrea Bocelli

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Andrea Bocelli is available for exclusive private events, as well as public concerts. To check pricing, and availability of Andrea Bocelli, or to book Andrea Bocelli for an event, Contact Jay Siegan Presents, here.

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The Songs

Time To Say Goodbye
Perfect Symphony
Because We Believe
The Prayer

About Andrea Bocelli

A legend (of Andrea Bocelli’s stature) is not created by design: the most astute marketing would never be able to produce such a result. It is simply that people “recognized” him and voted for him. And so it happened, in an apparently equal context (a singing competition, the Sanremo festival in 1994) and yet a most perfect one, because the infancy of a legend follows a course which breaks traditions. From then on the tone of his voice has brought tenderness to the world and his fame has increased exponentially. Because “if God would have a singing voice, He would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli”: even Celine Dion’s famous comment is a clear, unadorned testament to the artist’s mythical status as well as the perception of a gift…That voice, that simultaneously melancholic and radiant color, unrivaled in the expression of the song of a lover or a father, a matchless expression of earthly desire or heavenly love, with 65 million record sales to testify to it.



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